Hyundai Accent

Repair and car operation

Hyundai Accent
+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. The engine
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. The control, toxicity decrease
- 6. Fuel system
   6.1. Specifications (SOHC and DOHC)
   6.2. Check of the fuel pump
   6.3. Check of the pressure created by the fuel pump
   6.4. Checks of system of injection MFI
   6.5. A control lamp of malfunctions (MIL)
   6.6. Diagnostic codes of malfunctions ŤOBD-IIť
   6.7. Diagnostic codes of malfunctions, except ŤOBD-IIť
   6.8. Replacement of the fuel filter
   6.9. Replacement of the terminator of overflow (the double-thread valve)
   6.10. Replacement of the gauge of level of fuel
   6.11. A control system of engine MFI
   6.12. Fuel atomizers
   6.13. Throttle knot
   6.14. The power supply system with the carburettor
   6.15. Check of frequency of rotation of idling
   6.16. Adjustment of frequency of rotation of idling
   6.17. Frequency of rotation of idling and adjustment of a fuel mix
   6.18. Check and starting arrangement adjustment
   6.19. Check and adjustment of a free course of a cable of an accelerator
   6.20. A fuel tank
   6.21. The canister of catching of steams of fuel
   6.22. Replacement of the fuel filter
   6.23. The carburettor
   6.24. A cable and an accelerator pedal
   6.25. Search and elimination of malfunctions of fuel system with the carburettor
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Coupling
+ 9. A transmission
+ 10. Axes and power shafts
+ 11. A suspension bracket
+ 12. A steering
+ 13. Brake system
+ 14. A body
+ 15. A central air
+ 16. The electric equipment
+ 17. The appendix
+ 18. Electroschemes

6.13. Throttle knot

1 – the screw (is not regulated);
2 – the switch, only on cars with an automatic transmission;
3 – throttle knot;
4 – a bolt, 15–20 Н•м;
5 – a lining;
6 – the air chamber.


The prevention

Throttle заслонка should not act in film.

Remove the gauge of position throttle заслонки.

The prevention

Removal of the gauge of position throttle заслонки spend only for its replacement.


1. Check up throttle knot on absence of cracks.
2. Check up cleanliness of vacuum channels.
3. Check up люфт an accelerator cable.

The prevention

The adjusting screw throttle заслонки has been adjusted on a line with air volume 0,516 ą 5 % г/с, therefore it is not recommended to regulate it independently.
If frequency of idling mismatches demanded, first of all, check up corresponding gauges.
It is not required to clear a deposit in throttle knot as it does not influence at all working capacity of fuel system.