Hyundai Accent

Repair and car operation

Hyundai Accent
+ 1. The maintenance instruction
+ 2. The engine
+ 3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. The control, toxicity decrease
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Coupling
+ 9. A transmission
+ 10. Axes and power shafts
+ 11. A suspension bracket
+ 12. A steering
+ 13. Brake system
+ 14. A body
+ 15. A central air
- 16. The electric equipment
   16.1. Specifications
   16.2. Electric chains
   16.3. Gymnastics system
   16.4. Check of an electric chain of gymnastics
   16.5. Power failure check on a wire connecting the storage battery with the generator
   16.6. Check of the current developed by the generator
   16.7. Check of developed pressure
   16.8. The generator
   16.9. The storage battery
   16.10. Check of relative density of electrolit
   16.11. Gymnastics of the storage battery
   16.12. Survey of the storage battery
   16.13. Start system
   16.14. A starter
   16.15. Check and replacement of elements статора
   16.16. The switch of blocking of ignition
   16.17. Check of the relay of a starter
   16.18. Check of the switch of blocking of ignition
   16.19. A radio receiver
   16.20. Dynamics
   16.21. The aerial
   16.22. The multipurpose switch
   16.23. A sound signal
   16.24. Safety locks
   16.25. A combination of devices
   16.26. The engine of a screen wiper of a windscreen
   16.27. Replacement of a headlight and the forward index of turn
   16.28. Adjustment of light of headlights
+ 17. The appendix
+ 18. Electroschemes

16.12. Survey of the storage battery

1. Switch off ignition and all consumers of electric energy.
2. Disconnect wires from plugs of the storage battery. The negative wire is necessary for disconnecting first of all and to connect in last turn.
3. Remove the battery from the car.

The prevention

If the case of the storage battery is damaged, remove the battery in rubber gloves to protect a skin from electrolit.

4. Check up elements of fastening of the battery as they can be damaged the electrolit which has got on them. If necessary clear their warm soda solution.
5. The same solution clear the top part of the battery.
6. Examine the battery on absence of cracks. If there are cracks, replace the battery.
7. Clear plugs of the storage battery.
8. Clear внутреннею a surface of clips of the wires connected to plugs of the storage battery.
9. Establish the storage battery in the car.
10. Connect wires to plugs of the storage battery.
11. Reliably tighten fastening of clips of wires to plugs of the storage battery.
12. Put on plugs of the storage battery a thin layer of technical vaseline.